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Helping Hands for Freedom’s mission is to create and run programs that provide support for the sacrifices military children and family members make when a loved one is lost, wounded or deployed through our Life Enrichment, Life Emergency Needs, our Sports & Education Camps, and Dream Chaser Programs. Our goal is to make sure the families are provided for, know they are appreciated and to be a positive influence to the children’s development.

The Lucky 7 Campaign — a simple idea that if we can find 100,000 people who care enough about our military children & families to donate $7, we can help so many more of the thousands in need.

Partnerships are the lifeblood of our organization. Not only are we looking for donations, but we want to align ourselves with organizations and like-minded people in the community that want to make a difference with us.

Whether that is uniting employees, clients and customers, assisting us with marketing and advertising, or joining our Circle of Heroes advisory committee — we will make you proud of the work we do with military children and families!


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Our Goals

The children of our wounded service members, and those who lose a parent to war, suffer not only from the devastating loss of a parent and a life-changing home environment, but also from the absence of a significant contributor to their growth, development, and education. Children whose parents serve multiple deployments also face considerable change. To these children facing such significant issues, caring mentors and proven leadership provide the vital support, encouragement, and inspiration to help them reach their goals in life. We work to address the gaps in the military and government’s support for the immediate needs facing our military children of the fallen, wounded and deployed.

Our fundraising goal as a non-profit organization: 100,000 people donating just $7 each.

Aid a minimum of 25 children through our Dream Chaser Program
Help at least 150 military families facing financial hardships due to injury or loss
Assist 3,500 additional military children through our Life Enrichment Programs
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